Electric bikes

Electric bike experts

We stock a wide range of electric bicycles in store, the majority of which use premium level electronics from Bosch, Mahle, Shimano and TQ. To learn more about these electric systems, visit the brands linked below, or contact us. We are happy to give some basic advice over phone or email, however visiting us in-store will allow us to show you the bikes and equipment in person to better demonstrate the differences between them. We are open 7 days a week with no appointment necessary.

Our electric bike brands

Our electric bike range is focused on a quality product with reliable electronics. Our core brands are Bergamont, Merida, MiRider and Scott, with a wide range of options to choose from. You can view the product range of each brand using the links below.

Why get an electric bicycle?

A question we often get asked. Electric bicycles have many incredible benefits, particularly in enabling independent and environmentally friendly, long distance transport with minimal running costs. Most electric bicycles cost less than 15p to recharge (average electricity price in mid-2023), and can usually give 50-100 miles of range per charge (some even more). This represents incredible value and with no yearly emissions tax or insurance costs required, making trips with an electric bike over a car can represent a huge saving, as well as being environmentally sustainable. Cycling is also fantastic for physical health and well-being. It is often recommended to people with knee or leg injuries that prohibit high impact exercise like running, as cycling is far easier on the joints while still providing a good workout. Electric bikes are suitable for the vast majority of riders, regardless of their age. Powerful electric assistance means you do not need to be an experienced cyclist with lots of endurance. Let the bike do the work for you and simply enjoy the ride without sweating or getting out of breath.

Electric bikes are also simply great fun to ride. They enable you to go further and spend more time outside than you would normally be capable of. Almost every type of bike has an electric option, from folding bikes to full suspension off road machines capable of anything you can throw at it. Different battery sizes are also available with extra large capacity options for those intending to travel maximum distances, as well as higher torque motor options for tackling the steepest hills. Electric bikes are incredibly easy to use and operate. If you can ride a bike, you can ride an electric bike! All UK electric bikes are pedal assisted which means the motor will assist you as you pedal. You have several different power levels to choose from which are usually selected from a small controller on the handlebars. A low power mode is perfect for achieving maximum range, or if you only want a small amount of assistance. Higher torque motors are capable of tripling or even quadrupling the power you put through the pedals, making it effortless to ride. Most electric bikes have a display showing you useful information such as your speed, trip distance and how much range you have left in the battery.

We believe almost everyone can benefit from an electric bike, whether it's cutting out the car for your daily commute, reaping the health benefits of cycling without the struggle or just using it to nip to the shops. Come and see our range in-store, we are open 7 days a week and are always here to help.